vertical solutions


The insurance industry has been our most important partner and client since our founding in 1998. We supply and integrate software for all processes and areas of sales, covering the entire offer and application process. We also have deep industry know-how in portfolio management and operational services and can carry out projects in all sectors.

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Popular and professional sports are financed by public funds to a large extent. In Austria, for example, the procedure is precisely regulated by the Federal Sports Promotion Act. We have implemented the application, grant & billing process using online workflows and a transparent sports database in the background optimally.

We are also involved in the emerging field at the crossroads of sports & technology (SportsTech) and have our finger on the pulse of the local Austrian scene.

In addition, as CRM and ERP experts, we are always in a position to deliver modern IT systems for large sports clubs – including access systems and ticketing.


Together with our partner WILKEN-Neutrasoft we deliver the appropriate software for municipal utilities, energy and supply utility companies as well as service departments of modern cities. In sum, several hundred installations throughout Europe have been made since the 1970s.

Powerful CRM and ERP systems (based on Microsoft architectures) have become indispensable in the digitization of modern cities and communities. We see cities, municipalities, municipal utilities and energy companies as modern service providers, who are constantly in contact with their citizens (= customers) via various channels and therefore they do not have to fear any competitors from the private sector.


Measuring the share of the value added or the service itself, the contribution of social services, social associations, aid & charity organizations, etc. shows, that it is steadily increasing worldwide.

Not only to the state legislators but, above all, to their members and donors, these NPOs (non-profit organizations) are required to work transparently, fast, simple and cost efficient. Solely from the sociological and demographic trends, our European level of solidarity and humanity can only be sustained if many services are provided by volunteers efficiently. We see it as our task to organize and support this change through smart software.


We have been working in complex banking projects for decades and have developed a very deep industry know-how in terms of processes and products during this time.

For several years now, we have focused on software solutions for data warehouses, big data and the fulfillment of all reporting requirements, both directly in the controlling of the banking groups and for compliance with laws and governance regulations.

Thus we are a specialist in the integration and quality of data in the IT of modern banks.