About us

CICERO CONSULTING was founded in 1998 as a private limited company (GmbH). The managing directors Dietmar Wuksch & Franz Prax have been working in the company since it was founded. The headquarters of the GmbH is Klagenfurt am Wörthersee (Carinthia, Austria). There are branch offices in Vienna (Austria) & Munich (Germany).


Our creed “Simplicity is smart” inspires us every day in the development of software & technical solutions to build simple, safe & secure and cost-effective customer solutions. This is the fundamental, three-fold axiom of engineering education and successful mechanical engineering put into practice.


We automate & digitalize especially in the service sector – and have done so since our founding. People – as customers & clerks – must remain the focus of all our efforts & work, always.

If it is legitimate to think about the limits of automation in factories in the automotive or aerospace industry, this is – with all the striving for innovation – all the more true of software in the service sector. Many complain about the permanent increase of regulations & bureaucracy, in our accompanying process consulting we can help you to tackle this massive problem.


An industry focus sometimes inevitably results out of the company’s history & its chain of projects. The insurance & banking sectors have accompanied many of us since our university-level training & education. Over the last decade, we have gotten to know the public sector (such as sports funding/promotion, utilities or social facilities) and many non-profit organizations in detail by building high-quality software solutions for them.

In software development, we have always relied on a stack for secure, high-performance web applications – with JAVA and Angular at its core. In the database & business intelligence area, we master all common systems; SQL in all application variants remains our native language in dealing with large databases.


In our long partnership with Microsoft we have found a reliable, yet always innovative technology leader from Redmond that delivers sustainable & suitable architectures for small & medium-sized enterprises. The integration of Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Teams & other apps allows high flexibility & user acceptance along with low training costs.


There are no external institutional participations in CICERO CONSULTING GmbH. As an independent consulting & software company we work with the largest distributor of Microsoft products in Europe, Companial (formerly QBS Group), to provide you with swift & sound information on all issues concerning license management, cloud business and other existing vertical solutions & apps.


In everything we do, our creed “Simplicity is smart” ensures compact & understandable solutions for our customers.

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