Banking sector

The mother tongue of our solutions in the banking sector is a very profound SQL for handling & mastering the complexity of large database systems. We can integrate our solutions with all database systems: industry leader is currently Oracle; however, banks also use Teradata, PostgreSQL and other systems. Over decades, we have built up a great deal of know-how according to all these database systems.

Conceptually, our solutions are based on methodologies for data warehouses, marts and big data, for which we are constantly developing scripting solutions and query & interface programs.

Implicitly, we have integrated our consulting focus on quality assurance, verification & validation here, too: a significant proportion of our solutions serves as proof that the data is consistent in itself. This demand is inevitable & timeless, especially in the financial industry, with the ever-increasing complexity of regulations and workflows.

Our customers rely on our check routines & test programs, the monitoring we implement, and, above all, on the expertise of our engineers, who install & operate this software with full commitment.