We supply the standard software WILKEN ENER:GY and NTS.SUITE, which have been successfully implemented in Europe by 400 customers since 1975.

These cover all areas of the utility industry or municipal departments:

  • core areas such as electricity, water, gas/heat & wastewater management
  • special additional tasks such as public transport, swimming pools, burial & cemetery administration.

With Microsoft’s modern architecture for CRM and customer relationships we build powerful, digital solutions that enable modern cities or communities to deliver a high quality service to their citizens via a professional customer presence.

The conversion of many Austrian public corporate entitites from cameralistics to double-entry accounting and balancing raises the demands on IT:

  • we bring along the right software & comprehensive process know-how for these very demanding projects
  • innovation for newly offered services and products is a crucial issue in these software systems, e.g. multimedia services are offered to electricity customers of the municipal utility.

In our home region in the central area of Carinthia with the neighboring cities of Klagenfurt and Villach, we work hands-on & intensively on future-proof concepts:

  • Wörthersee.Stadt“ (“Wörthersee.City”): we originally developed the basic concept in 2005, it combines
    • humane living for families, youth and elderly people
    • research
    • promising, sustainable jobs and
    • conservation & care of our unique natural environment.
  • „Bahnlärm Wörthersee – Koralmbahn“ (noise pollution through train traffic): our current focus is on contributing to solve this serious problem by smart measurement & actions.