A Strong Future with a Strong Partner

For the successful implementation of DMS solutions, we partner with Starke+Reichert, a partner that – nomen est omen – convinces in the long term for the following reasons:

  • Starke-DMS® is in conformity with the law (DSGVO, GoBD (Germany)) & TÜV-tested.
  • For each customer, the DMS solution is customized in a user-oriented manner to optimally support the processes. Each customer retains the freedom at any time to
    • extend the solution with additional modules (respective licenses required) or
    • set up and customize all workflows themselves in order to be able to work in a meaningful way.
  • Despite the many possibilities of Starke-DMS®, the focus remains on simplicity for users and administrators. Starke products are user-friendly and can be run intuitively.
  • Significant increases in productivity & efficiency ensure that the use of a DMS usually amortizes within the first year.

  • The use of Starke-DMS® is an active contribution to environmental protection, it
    • saves approx. 6.000 sheets of paper per year and user at any given company
    • reduces CO2 emissions via digital workflows and the efficient add-on of the contract signature process (DocuSign integration module) – by eliminating transport routes and the need for materials.

  • According to the current German GfK ITO Service Navigator 2021, Starke-DMS® is ranked number 1 in the DMS/ECM software sector in Germany!
  • This award confirms the high level of confidence and satisfaction of over 1.250 customers in the SME sector and a total of almost 8.000 users in this product.
  • Starke-DMS® is the combination of decades of extensive experience in the DMS sector and best prospects for the future..
  • Starke+Reichert will, of course, continue to develop the DMS with us in line with individual customer requirements.
    • More than 75% of the on-going developments are customer requests.
    • Concentrated programming experience as a foundation – for over 15 years, the same Starke chief developers have continued to develop the system with attention to detail and with a young, dynamic & rapidly growing team in the minds of our customers.
    • To ensure that Starke-DMS® will continue to be a powerful solution in the future.

Our customers benefit from our know-how as one of a few local partners of Starke+Reichert in Austria. We are always keen to harmonize your specific business and IT strategies in the area of document management as well – together we are smart, innovative and future-proof when it comes to DMS, too.