Claim assistant

Efficient claims settlement in the real estate sector

With this assistant system, we offer an independent platform for the settlement of insurance claims in the real estate sector via a direct, efficient dialogue between the involved parties:

  • customers (in case of damage/claim)
  • insurance (claims department & claims agent)
  • assessors & craftsmen
  • broker/agent
  • facilitator (e.g. callcenter of insurer or an external service provider)

Benefits of our software system:

  • faster claims settlement
  • better information flow between all involved parties (workflows, chat feature, etc.)
  • increased customer satisfaction
  • documentation of the entire repair project
  • prevention of insurance fraud

The claim assistant is a modern, browser-enabled software based on Angular technology. The database can be any SQL-capable system. Insurance companies or larger broker offices can integrate the software as a tool into their own website or operate a corresponding client on our infrastructure.