Audit-proof storage of business-critical tables

Our software can be used with the supplied construction kit to

  • import any local table (mostly Microsoft Excel formats) and
  • export data to all relevant formats after the review and update process.

Very often after verification, business critical data is taken over as control data for critical productive systems, even host programs.

The main goal is

  • to replace local Excel spreadsheets with a four- or six-eye principle at least at critical points in the workflow and
  • then to release/share the centralized table in the grid with the entire company.

Very often the centralized grid will be adopted in the process as a standard in the long term and the local Excel files are superseded.

The changes in the central database

  • are traceable for all clerks/claims processors (revision-proof audit trail) and
  • are written in a log.

Insurance companies use the audit-proof SmartGrid to a new operational quality in commission calculation and billing. The SmartGrid also quickly takes on a helpful function when it comes to tariffs/pricing or at formulating critical test cases and data.

SmartGrid is a high-performance application and based on modern JavaScript/Angular technology. All commercial SQL-systems can be used as database for the tables, but also MongoDB as NoSQL system.