ARchitecture & process consultancy

We could prove repeatedly that

  • a reasonable architecture and
  • a clear, straightforward project scope

achieve a far greater commercial benefit than a hastily set up large-scale project.

Only after

  • the technical scope of the development task and
  • the technical architecture are decided, and
  • the task also remains demonstrably manageable in maintenance,

we get into the questions of the process model as well as the tools & frameworks.


We have plenty of experience with agile software development, but we do not see it as a panacea:

  • Agile development can not eliminate any deficiencies in the technical understanding and any flaws in the overall architecture than a more conservative approach;
  • in some lines of business, on the other hand, the process model is dictated by product standards because it makes it easier to specify & test granular quality requirements.

We do not want to cover all new frameworks & tools on purpose, but we are always up to date with the most important topics. This is especially true for the Java world and for the trends in databases & data warehouses.


In the end, our actions are always characterized

  • to advise customers professionally regardless of trends & sales myths and
  • to build clean software components.